Family Office


Financial Managers invests in companies with a leading position in their industries that need to incorporate a financial shareholder in order to support the management team to finance either organic or inorganic growth, as well as to enable the exit of a minority shareholder or as a first step to an initial public offer.

Financial Managers is extremely flexible when undertaking any investment, having the possibility to invest both equity and debt, which allows Financial Managers to adapt to the different needs of each project.

Investment approach

  • Majority and minority transactions.
  • Leading position in their industry..
  • Potential for growth (organic or by acquisitions) and improvement potential in market positioning.
  • Proven ability to generate cash.
  • Committed management team with a clear strategy for the future.
  • Investment ticket of up to 10 million Euros.
  • Capacity to execute larger investments leveraging and pooling co-investment network.

The following are some of the companies we have collaborated with.